When the going gets tough

07 Dec

Who would of thought that this process would still be going on after what seems to feel like an eternity. To me, of course, it seems longer than it is but its my life right. I was just getting used to having hair again and now I am going in for a salvage chemo treatment and I was assured that this will be lost again. But like I said it was nice to have it for that month. So I go another 2-3 months without it but like I said it was fun without it. Im in the hospital right now awaiting treatment. I have to admit I was kinda of nervous. I didn't want to do this because I was ready to be done and I was happy with not having chemo for the last few months. But here it is,, I want to live and will do what it takes to survive. This is the plan and this will be done... NEVERQUIT.

much love



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