We Are Just Puppets

05 Mar

There is only so much we can do to determine our destiny. I mean there are many things that we can do to help facilitate a certain desire, whether it be to be a cop, a teacher or the president but at the end of the day we don't control much. The pet scan before my last one came back clear and I was on my way to a bone marrow transplant. Then I got another scan and a little something showed up on the scan. SO small that the docs weren't sure what it was but the fact that it was there caused some concern so they pushed the transplant back and now I am getting a biopsy on the site to see if it is disease or not. My plans were never for this to happen... in fact I was thinking why on earth are they even doing another scan... but my plan doesn't mean a thing in the big picture. The world has a way of doing things on its own time and God plays a major role in this. His plan is the only plan that matters and what he says will be done. Im at peace with that. I pray for the best and want this particular ride to come to an end... in a positive way of course. I believe that it will. We have come so far for at the beginning of this trip I was covered with tumors and now we are down to a little spot that could be nothing. Time will tell. Biopsy is on Monday. NEVER QUIT

much love



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