Thats a Rap

12 Feb

Whats up everyone... Just back home now after an intense four day treatment. I can already start to feel my hands starting to crack. This is the pain that I look forward to the least. It makes everything hard to do when your hands are in so much pain. But today is a good day still. It is one day closer to recovering from the last treatment. We have come so far on this journey and now I just want to ensure that this disease never comes back. In order to help that cause I am getting a bone marrow, or stem cell transplant. They are the same thing. My stem cells will be used in this transplant so no donor is needed. I want with all my heart for this to be a success and that I can get back to my life and doing the things that I once loved to do. It has been quite a ride. Scary at times but what a team effort. I am so very thankful. NEVERQUIT

much love



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