Support CP - Part 1

Charles Porter is your average 31 year old active male - handsome, outgoing, the life of the party. One week ago he found out that he has stage 4 Hodgkins lymphoma. Now his life is forever changed. This is the beginning of his story...


Healing Power! of Jesus

Charles, the prayers of the righteous availeth much!  My son, Marquis, posted your story and I thank him for the opportunity to see yet another victory! in Jesus' name.  Your story reminds me so of my little sis, Patricia, who graduated in 1991 at age of 31 ... a fighter! but she still won! because she may have had cancer but the cancer didn't have her.  She asked me to tell others that it's the prayers and attitude that counts.  I will be praying on your behalf for complete healing within your body because you have much to offer to this world.

Lord, we come before You lifting Your name on high, recognizing that YOU are God all by Yourself.  We honor You on this day and we come asking for forgiveness for our sins, known and unknown.  We come before You on this day praying for Charles' full recovery.  We come because I have seen so much healing through believing in You and Your power!  I ask that You touch! Charles' body Lord.  Enable him to touch! Your garment that he, too, can be healed as the lady with the issue. It is so obvious that he loves you, so much so that he proclaims it to the world.  Let Your anointing flow throughout his body Lord, from the top! of his head to the tips! of his toes.  Let him sense the sensation of Your healing as You perform major surgery within.  Cause an air of precious peace to overtake him while You fully attack! every cancerous cell.  Break up! every one and cause them to be moved! in Jesus' name.  Let the doctors be amazed, let Your Power! be revealed.  Let those around be drawn closer to You.  Lord, we know that nothing happens that You haven't already ordained for our lives.  We know You allow all things for a reason, so get the glory dear God from this.  What a precious heart You have orchestrated in Charles, what an obvious LOVE.  Raise him up! that he may tell all that he encounters of Your awesome power!  as he spreads the Gospel, the Good News, that You save and now he truly knows You heal even the physical.  Holy Spirit, comfort Charles.  Holy Spirit, anoint Charles.  Lord, use him as never before. We thank You for what we believe You have already done.  Now as Charles take hold of this wonderful gift, I pray a closer walk with You for him and that You will use him to cause others to believe and receive.  We love You and we adore You.  It's in the precious, matchless! and marvelous name of Jesus we do pray.  Amen and Amen ....

You Win, Jesus is The Healer.

Charles, You Are Healed in the Name of Jesus! Walk in His Peace and Joy knowing that He loves you and already knew.

Numbers 13:30
And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.

The Hinds Family loves you. Especially C Hinds

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