19 Jan

So it appears as if the harsh treatment has paid off. We got the report back from the scan and it showed that the tumors on my spin are not there anymore and there is only minimal activity in my chest area. We are so close to being cancer free I can taste it. When I was first told the news I almost didn't believe it. It just feels like its been so long since hearing some good news or feeling positive about the outcome. Not saying that I didn't feel as though the end would be a success, its just that the fight has been long and hard. Expected. So once again thank you all who have been so supportive and helpful. You really have been an inspiration to me. NEVER QUIT

much love



So very happy to hear your

So very happy to hear your health is getting better. I probably wont be seeing you anymore... but at least I can rest easy knowing it's because your well. You and your family will always be in my prayers :)

The Care Partner you always greeted with a contagious smile!!!!

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