Pain Pain Go Away

18 Nov

Hello All... Im enjoying the night before I go into the hospital. I will be there for three days receiving what they call salvage chemo. its a strong treatment and Im looking forward to the results. I can't express enough how excited I am to be of this cancer. At times its feels like there is nothing wrong and then other times I can feel where the tumors are. This pain I look forward to not having soon. This is just one of the little reminders that I am sick and mind over matter really comes into play at this point because you try to block out the pain. The pain, its so weird how it comes over the body. Its like a soreness but it can't be relieved unless the tumors are destroyed. This shall be done by the salvage chemo.. So pain pain go away may the chemo do what it needs to do. NEVER QUIT.

much love



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