This one hurt

22 Nov

Whats up everyone.. Hope you are having a good day. Today I had to get a biopsy on my spine and im not even gonna front.. This was the first time that I was wincing during a procedure. I actually felt like my bone was being snapped in half.. But we got another mission accomplished and now we can move on to the next thing. Still my mother stays so strong. Nothing phases her. I was heated because I spent four now five days in the hospital to get a procedure done that took an hour because the plan kept changing due to results of scans and what would be best for me in the long run. Sometimes you get to the point of not caring whats good for you in the long run you just want to be out. The smart thing of course is to stay put and recover. So ill recover. Thank you mom for staying by my side throughout this whole process. You keep my spirits high... NEVERQUIT...

much love



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