24 Mar

Hello everyone.... SO the transplant went well and I am now in recovery. I have been in the hospital for almost two weeks... and that means not being able to go outside at all so needless to say, im excited to get out. After the transplant the nursing staff brought in a birthday cake and sang me happy birthday. They say its like a new birthday since you are being cured and given a new lease on life. This was one of the most exciting times in my life up until now. To know that I am going to live and have a full life is more than I could ever ask for at this point. Its hard to find words to really describe how I feel about the situation because so many emotions are running through at once. Its been a long and hard year. To me there has not been anything harder than fighting for my life. I am so thankful to have had the people in my life fighting with me and all the great doctors and nurses. Thank you God for all that you have provided..... NEVERQUIT

much love



Charles - I'm a bit out of

Charles -

I'm a bit out of the loop and am just now hearing about your fight (and conquering) of a nasty disease. First of all, I must say that my heart sunk into my stomach when I first read about it. Then, after reading your updtes, and knowing you the way I do, I'm not the least bit surprised that you told cancer to F-off and are leaving it in the dust.

I'm certain you will use your position to further create awareness and serve as an inspiration to others in a similar situation.

I've been a fan of you since the first day I met you in South Beach Charles, and am proud of the work you've done on the screen, and in your latest battle.

Chin up Big Dog.


Greg Matzek


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