Mom and Me

02 Feb

I have been very blessed to have the mother that I have. She has been supportive of me every since I can remember. But this time she has gone far and beyond the call of duty. My fight with cancer has been a long and hard one and my mom has been there every step of the way. Literally not leaving my side so its times like these when we can have fun that really makes me happy. We are in North Carolina for the premiere of a project that we worked on for ESPN. She is very happy and excited and deserves to have a nice time. This also makes the work worth it which brings me to the point do what you love in life and you will be rewarded. The best news of this whole adventure though was when the doctor said the words complete remission. Yesterday those are the words that the doctor spoke. It still feels like a dream and there is still work to be done but at least I know that the treatment is working. I have one more round of intense chemo and then the stem cell transplant and we should be done. Keep me in your prayers please. NEVER QUIT

much love



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