Light At End of Tunnel

08 Mar

You know how you finish up a run or a rep on the last set with a little more energy then you had somewhere in the middle of the exercise? Well thats how I feel right now... I wanna blast through this last part of treatment but right now I am waiting for a results of a biopsy that I had yesterday. I pray with all my heart that this comes back negative so I can move on to finish my treatment and start my journey to cure.. Life will never be the same I know this. I know that I will not forget the way I felt those weeks in the hospital getting chemo treatments. I will always remember the way I looked at myself in the mirror as I changed. I wondered if Id ever be the same as before as my eye brows fell out and my head was bald and my abs disappeared. Still the main focus is to live and to come out of this with a chance to get whatever I wanted to get back back.. Please GOD let this biopsy be negative when checking for disease. I don't want to do any more chemo except for the chemo that comes with the transplant.... NEVERQUIT

much love



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