Got the plan

15 Jan

Okay so this week was quite eventful. I spent most of it at the hospital getting poked and pricked with needles and iv's. Good news is that another cycle of chemo was completed and I feel good. I took all the test for my  stem cell transplant. breathing, heart, lung and blood work. Now I am awaiting the results from the petscan. ONce the results come in then we can start the process of harvesting the stem cells. The process is so interesting and they have come a long way with technology to make the porcess easier. The stay in the hospital will last around 3 weeks. This could be the hardest test. Right now Im watching this Steelers Ravens game. Playoffs. Playoffa. Hahaa. Have a great weekened. The weather couldn't be better here in LA. Love life. NEVERQUIT.

much love



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