29 Apr

When I say Im feeling good then your boy is feeling okay...When i say Im feeling great then Im probably feeling good... Today- I would like everyone to put their fears aside and just breath. Like Louis Armstrong i feel like, "Its A Wonderful World"- Straight up and down I don't know what the afternoon will bring but for all those that are reading right now, know CP is laughing.. Oh I had some incredible laughs last night thanks to my brother syd, Bj and quentin my other brothers.. I sang musicals and Bj acted them out while Q and syd laughed until they couldn't breath. It was awesome to laugh like that. So today we go out and dominate, feel good about what we have and no worry about what we do not. Love someone and let someone love you. Have a great day to all. Much love



Wishing you the best.....

Charles- this is Devin's Uncle Kenny- from back in the Duke days, I'm sure you remember when you, Dev and about 15 others from the team came up to Lake Royale for the big cookout where you guys grazed for couple of hours, crashed for couple of hours, went on pontoon boat ride that had too much weight on it, oh well. .. Seems like yesterday. Will keep you in prayer, hang in there, you've always had that great can-do attitude. I will donate and share your story w/ friends.

God speed-


Keep your head up

Looking at your story and you remind me alot of myself, your attitude and the way your family feels about you. Not alot to say other than I feel compelled to help, and like the person said above me I dont have alot but I will give.


Yo! Charles your story has moved me to think even more about enjoying the little moments. Watching your video I was asking myself "why can't I help you" "I should be helping you. Its my rightful duty as a human to help another person when there down. I may not have much money myself but I donated what I could, my soul is telling me to do so. That's what make us different from any creature in this universe we have a soul. Your Soul and your spirt is what resilience looks like,

I am in your corner brother. God Speed.

"You Always Stand Up When Standing Is Not Easy"

Sending good thoughts your way...


You have a fabulous attitude and I plan to keep up with your recovery.  I made a small donation and posted it on my facebook for other mom's to do the same. 

I just pictured my 14 year old son (who is a JV wide receiver) going through something like this and it brought tears to my eyes.  Please stay strong and positive and keep your story updated.

God bless,


The Best

Hey Charles, I read your story and I am happy you are doing better. Not enough African-American males go to the doctor for a check-up, so this story opened my eyes. I will keep you in my prayers & keep your head up to the sky ALWAYS. If your ever want or need a new friend to talk to hit me up homie. Wishing you continued great health from one actor to another. 


-Your new homie (ha ha) Jae.

I read your story today...

Today is the first day I have heard of you and your story.  It hit home because I am a 32 year old woman realizing that the same thing could happen to me.  I have a history of family issue, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. and I don't take care of my health very well.  I realize that I am being selfish.  I have a 3 year old daughter that I need to think about.  I want to be around for her high school graduation, college graduation, marriage, and my future grandchildren.  If this could happen to a healthy, young man such as yourself, just think what could happen to me.  Thank you for the wake up call!  May God bless you and your family.

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