Getting out of the hospital

25 Apr

After eight days of being at the best hospital in the world I am ready to make my way back to "real life". Its funny because for the last eight days I probably didn't think that i was living in the real world. Everything seemed to be coming at me at 1000 mph.. I thought i was going into the er for an ulcer or constipation 13 hrs later they are telling me that I they have bad news. So the testing began and i promise it never stopped. mid-night blood test, 6 am vital checks, around the clock docs.. And i was not complaining. I was just scared because the more docs there were the more shit i knew was wrong with me. So the waiting game began and that has been the absolute hardest part. Even finding out that I was Stage 4 was more relieving ... It may sound silly but thats the truth. Because its treatable so its beatable. I down for the fight and my support group is crazy tight and strong. I receive incredible strength from friends and family. No one needs to feel down or feel bad this is life and this is what miracles of made of, story for our children or the next man or woman who may fall to this disease. Spread love and spend time with the ones that love you. Life is short but Im not ready to go out like that quite yet!!!


U R HEALED! U hear me? U r

U R HEALED! U hear me? U r the child of the most awesome and high God. U speak it baby and it shall be done. I'm a pray and fast and whatever it takes until the devil is put in his place. He ain't got nothing on us praying to Christ. This is just a testimony for u to spread to the world. Love U!

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