First Day OUT!

26 Apr

AHHHH what a feeling. Driving down the pch today- along the beach for all the non-west coasters reading- I felt like me again. Seeing the waves crashing and the sun hitting my face its all I ever needed. The simple things are much appreciated now. I had my first bout of nausea today but it only lasted about 15 min. Then the instant I felt strong my mom, my lady and I hit the road to Malibu. There we had a beautiful lunch including salad- green veggies- and salmon with brown rice. Yall thought I was a healthy eater before. Im about to turn it up a notch. CANCER OUT!!!!
After lunch i was exhausted or at least i thought i was. This goes out to all those that may be struggling with a disease. Mental, physical whatever, if you find within yourself a pinch of wanting to get up and do something focus on that pinch, grab onto it... keep telling yourself I wanna do x,y, or z. For me it was a hike. I didn't know if i could but as soon as i felt for a second that I could i stuck with it and it was worth it. Yes I am tired but my mind overcame what my body felt it could not do. This battle will be won in the mind.
much love


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