Feeling Strong

19 Jun

As I push forward in my recovery phase I am being reintroduced to the everyday sagas of life that seem to be propelled from one person to the next... How to avoid... no avoid is the wrong word... I have thought long and hard about what my life meant to me and to others while I was in the fight, batttling cancer. The thing that was so clear was that all other stresses and problems in life were not present in the forefront of my mind when I was sick. All i cared about was health. Thus staying healthy should be everyone's main concern because you can have all the love and all the money and all the things but without health nothing matters. Thus I say this, Life.... is hard... it just is. its tough and people have problems and we all think that are problems are the biggest and most important. Take time to think and empathize with others. Don't make your life or problems the most important thing and then I believe those little stresses in life won't be so dramatic. LIVE LIFE.. 


much love




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