Down from the Clouds

14 Dec

For the past few days Ive been in this cloud that was somewhat hovering in between reality and a dream state. Unfortunately neither one was very productive. When I was dreaming I could only hope to wake up with less symptoms than before I closed my eyes. You see, the chemo does a number on the body and things start to happen that you can't even prepare for and I find myself wondering why the hell is that happening. For instance I am having a hard time swallowing because my throat hurts and my lips are like paper. Why must this be?? LOL- But going through all of this I realized how lucky I am to have the good feelings when I do... Life could be so much worse and these things go away what if it were permanent. The point is Ive been out of commission for a few just trying to regroup but I feel like the cloud is lifting. And just when you think you can do it no more you are back and saying hit me with your best shot.. LETS GET THIS.. NEVERQUIT.

much love




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