03 Dec


I feel like being around water is some of the most healing time for me. There is something about seeing the waves crash against the sand. Hearing the roar of the ocean and finally stepping into the unknown with all the many life forms surrounding you. Take a dip when you can and if not just go to the water and sit and listen. You will find answers and sometimes you will just be and that is all right too. Water gives strength. NEVERQUIT

much love


02 Dec

Living in the moment

I know that its hard to not think about the future and want the best rather than living in the present and enjoying the moment. Many days my thoughts are on what may happen, or if I feel a certain ache or pain in my body that wasn't there before then I think that the cancer has something to do with that and it gives me anxiety but I try my best to live in the present and enjoy the moment. I feel that I haven't accomplished the things that I was set out to accomplish yet and therefore I must fight on. Whatever gives you purpose hold onto to that and fight.. NEVER QUIT

much love

30 Nov

Information is Power

I must admit over the last couple of weeks my mind was all over the place. I wasn't sure exactly what was going on or what the next move would be. I had a few biopsies and one that Ill never forget but the results still left the doctors and me in the same position as before... The scans showed signs of Lymphoma in the bone so the plan was for a bone marrow transplant. This is my life and I love and cherish each day that I have. I was told that this particular disease is a beatable one and that remains the case. This is my path and it is what must be done no ifs ands or buts about it.

28 Nov

Don't Stop Moving

I can't lie... Last week was kinda hard. I just had biopsy and no results but Im used to that... The waiting game that this comes with... Its just that I was in a little pain too. Actually a lot so my mind started racing and I was thinking oh man its getting worse, and started to play mind games with myself. Finally I just started to move. Hiking, working out in the gym... Whatever it takes. JUST KEEP MOVING.. NeverQuit

much love


28 Nov

Fighting in Overtime

When you practice for a sport or you are prepping for a game one rarely thinks about the fact that the contest can go into overtime. How do you prepare the mind and body for extra innings. Work harder than the opponent and no matter how long the contest you will always be stronger than the opposition. So I thought that I would be done with my treatment by now and that I would be in remission and moving on with my life. Once again God has taught me that nothing happens on my time and that I should just keep working harder than the opponent.

25 Nov


This year has been one of many challenges. If you have been following then you know that I have been fighting for my life in a fight with cancer. A fight that we are winning but non the less its a fight. Much has been learned and discovered through this fight but the thing that is clear is my love for life. It is so precious. Im not just speaking of the day to day taking in breath but Im referring to all those that are in it, as well as the daily struggles that we all face. Its all great. Life is not supposed to be easy.

23 Nov

Going Home

After 5 days of being in the hospital I am finally being released. It feels so good to be let out. Im telling you we take some many things for granted. Just being able to walk down the street when you want to is an actual blessing. It may sound silly until you can't do it anymore. Take my word for it... Make sure to be thankful for all things in life because at any moment they can be taken away from you. The biopsy hurt and I won't get results until after the holiday but I will enjoy myself until then for sure. NEVER QUIT

much love


22 Nov

This one hurt

Whats up everyone.. Hope you are having a good day. Today I had to get a biopsy on my spine and im not even gonna front.. This was the first time that I was wincing during a procedure. I actually felt like my bone was being snapped in half.. But we got another mission accomplished and now we can move on to the next thing. Still my mother stays so strong. Nothing phases her. I was heated because I spent four now five days in the hospital to get a procedure done that took an hour because the plan kept changing due to results of scans and what would be best for me in the long run.

21 Nov

True Success

What is the meaning of true success? That is a conversation I had with a friend today. We used to think it was the accumulation of stuff.. If I had this or that.. But you can't take things with you when your last days come around and you probably won't want to. We felt like the true meaning of success is to be able to spend quality time with those that you love the most in the world. This does take a degree of money and time so some success does depend on how much money you make but you must live below your means so that you can have that extra time....

20 Nov


Making the best of the situation... How can you make the best of any situation you are in. Stuck in the hospital... Okay so invite the ones that will bring a smile on your face. Laughing, talking make a big difference. Find the laughter. My girl has been making laugh in the hospital and the visit isn't half as bad because of that. Its not as bad as it could be. ITs all good. As long as we are moving forward to cure then its all good..REMEMBER THE MISSION... NEVER QUT

much love