17 Mar


Oh man.... I thought that radiation was going to be somewhat of a breeze in comparison to chemo. And Ill admit it doesn't floor me like Ive been floored before but it definitely takes the wind outta my sails. I am getting full body radiation twice a day for 4 days.. I am on day 3. They get me up at 330 in the morning and then again at 630 at night. Im in pretty good shape by 11am.. Anyway this is all new to me so Im just doing the best I can not knowing what to expect. The docs and nurses have been great and everything is moving as planned..

15 Mar

Here We Go

I am now in the hospital going through the plan to get the stem cell transplant. It has started out with full body radiation. This is a first for me so I was kind of taking it in and awing at the machine. The technology is absolutely amazing. Big machines knocking out the cancer for good!!. A new medicine that I had to take has me feeling a little under the weather but we are battling. The staff is extremely kind here and everyone is on board for complete recovery. This is a blessing.. NEVER QUIT

much love


13 Mar


Today is a great day. I just turned 32 and Im feeling good. Tomorrow I go into the hospital for a stem cell transplant and will be there for about 2 weeks. I am excited about getting this done and moving on with my life. I am so thankful for all that has happened and the friends and family that have been there through all of this turmoil. So much has been learned through this time. One lesson that I have learned is that much is gained through hard times so fight through them and take the lessons along the way.

10 Mar

Moving ON

Breathing a lot easier tonight. Biopsy came back and all is good, there were no signs of the disease in the sample so we are moving on to the next phase which is transplant. I have a 4am appointment tomorrow so this will be brief. Im not going to complain because id rather be doing that then preparing for another round of chemo. I pray that all is clear and will remain that way throughout the rest of my days. This has been quite the battle. Finish strong. NeverQuit

much love


08 Mar

Light At End of Tunnel

You know how you finish up a run or a rep on the last set with a little more energy then you had somewhere in the middle of the exercise? Well thats how I feel right now... I wanna blast through this last part of treatment but right now I am waiting for a results of a biopsy that I had yesterday. I pray with all my heart that this comes back negative so I can move on to finish my treatment and start my journey to cure.. Life will never be the same I know this. I know that I will not forget the way I felt those weeks in the hospital getting chemo treatments.

07 Mar

So many faces

Today when I was being wheeled through the halls on my way to surgery, I saw so many other faces that were going through their own challenges. I was thinking what they were thinking about and what were some of their challenges. Some people were laughing and others looked scared. Still we all have challenges but how we face them is what counts. Yes I had some anxiety about today but now its done and Im focused on whats to come. I will have a positive attitude going into the next week for I have come so far. NEVER QUIT

much love


05 Mar

We Are Just Puppets

There is only so much we can do to determine our destiny. I mean there are many things that we can do to help facilitate a certain desire, whether it be to be a cop, a teacher or the president but at the end of the day we don't control much. The pet scan before my last one came back clear and I was on my way to a bone marrow transplant. Then I got another scan and a little something showed up on the scan.

01 Mar


There haven't been a lot of times when I talked about fear throughout this process. We are now coming down to the final stretch and I am so excited. The last part entails a stem cell transplant and a stay in the hospital for at least 21/2 weeks. THIS has me a little shook. I don't know what it is that has me so anxious. Am i just excited about finishing up or is it this stay in the hospital that has me so worried. I don't know. Maybe I just can't believe we are coming to the end and I don't want the cancer to return.

22 Feb

Great Victory Today

I feel like somewhere in this journey I have mentioned that it is important to celebrate the victories.. No matter how small one thinks they are, they should all be recognized. Well today we had a victory. For the past eleven days I was getting two shots every morning in order to produce stem cells that would be harvested out of my blood starting today. The number we had to harvest for the mission was 5.0 which i can't tell you exactly what that means but we got 6.2 and that is enough for the transplant and some.. So the nurses were very happy and I and my family are very happy.

19 Feb

Internet was out

Sorry Family I was away for a few. Just been recouping from the last chemo treatment. There was a chance that I would have to have a blood transfusion but the second test came back cool and we didn 't have to do it. Now Im just gearing up mentally for the week ahead. We will be harvesting stem cells in order to complete the transplant in March. Also I will be having another pet scan and mri to see if there are any lingering signs of cancer. Please pray that we are done with this nightmare. Its been a lot easier with you along with me. Thanks to all those who have been so supportive.