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20 Dec

Home Sweet Home

Hello Family and friends. Just got out of the hospital today and it feels great to be out. It took some effort to get things back to normal but it has finally happened. One thing that I can say with all my heart is do not under value of our friends and family. I love yall with all my heart and thank you for being so close and loving. Christmas shopping is getting done as best as it can. Wish I could do more. But its the thought that count. And I mean that. NEVER QUIT

much love


19 Dec

Expect the Unexpected

I like to use this phrase when thinking of the good things that life has to offer. Today my football Giants lost in an unexpected fashion. They were up by three touchdowns in the last quarter and just happened to lose to the Eagles with a punt return as time ran out. This was not what I was expecting but... expect the unexpected.. This is the same philosophy used when thinking about the recovery process. Expect to heal and to feel good. Expect to push through to the other side of the pain or the cloudiness.

18 Dec

Whirl Wind

Whoa!!!!! I was hit with a dose of something my tail was not ready for and to anyone going through this if you don't feel good after treatment go to the doctor. I kept thinking that I would feel better the next day and found out 4 days later that I was neutropenic. That means my white blood count was way down and I was running a fever so I couldn't fight off infection. In other words I wasn't getting any better. I could hardly get out of bed. I mean I could be then I would get light headed and tired instantly. It was the craziest feeling.

14 Dec

Down from the Clouds

For the past few days Ive been in this cloud that was somewhat hovering in between reality and a dream state. Unfortunately neither one was very productive. When I was dreaming I could only hope to wake up with less symptoms than before I closed my eyes. You see, the chemo does a number on the body and things start to happen that you can't even prepare for and I find myself wondering why the hell is that happening. For instance I am having a hard time swallowing because my throat hurts and my lips are like paper. Why must this be??

12 Dec

Taken By Surprise

Sorry if I haven't been able to keep up on a daily basis.. I just got a dose of chemo that wiped me out. Literally I could not and did not want to move. I had nausea was extremely fatigued and my temperature was rising. Point is there was no way for me to get to the computer and write. I miss it when I don't get to it but i had to take care of myself. This has been quite a test. One that we will stand up to and get back to how we were before the disease took place. NEVERQUIT

much love


10 Dec

So Happy with The One I Love

When you just need to speak to someone who will just listen and love, when you need a good laugh, when you need a hug or just a hot meal, who do you turn to? So grateful to have those in my life for those moments and I hope that I can be that to them. This shout out goes to my Lady for just being such a positive force and holding it down. Some nights I just don't know.... Were it not for your kindness and love it would of been so much harder. Thank you love... Neverquit

much love


09 Dec

Another day down

In the hospital and all I think about is getting out. I guess I should be thinking about getting better. So I will start to and hopefully that energy helps the healing process. Man I've had it good up till now... I mean even with this disease. Since coming to LA I have had to stay in the hospital three times already. That has been very difficult. But still I know there are some that never leave the hospital throughout their entire treatment so like I said..I've had it good. Got to be thankful for the little things I know it may sound corny but Im so sincere.

08 Dec

Team Effort

There is nothing like getting a pat on the back from people you admire. Whether it be a friend, parent, coach or a kind stranger, it feels good to hear that you are doing a good job or making someone else's life better in some way. When I hear that my story inspires someone that in turn inspires me. So how can we keep this circle of inspiration going. Just tell someone that has affected you in some way that they have. Let the love flow and the well wishes will be returned to you. This would be a beautiful way to live if everyone did that. Never Quit

much love


07 Dec

When the going gets tough

Who would of thought that this process would still be going on after what seems to feel like an eternity. To me, of course, it seems longer than it is but its my life right. I was just getting used to having hair again and now I am going in for a salvage chemo treatment and I was assured that this will be lost again. But like I said it was nice to have it for that month. So I go another 2-3 months without it but like I said it was fun without it. Im in the hospital right now awaiting treatment. I have to admit I was kinda of nervous.

06 Dec


Is anything ever one hundred percent..... I saw a great film tonight. The King's Speech... Once again I was rejuvenated to work on film... Cinema. real acting and great story telling. Find something that will reignite that spark in you. Life is great. Live it. NEVER QUIT

much love