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29 Jan

Climbing Mountains

Like most hard things in life, it takes endurance and stamina and strength. This is also the truth about climbing mountains. I picked something hard that I can do that would help me to improve in these areas. We have a small mountain....a canyon here in hollywood that a lot of people climb. Thats what got me into great shape before and I plan on getting back to peak performance shape shortly after Im done with my treatments.... Pick something and do something that will challenge you..NEVER QUIT

much love


28 Jan

New Beginnings

Its time to start a new life.. Meaning that this last year of fighting cancer has been a long one and I am ready to start the clock on life without the cancer. I have learned much through this process and will continue to learn more and more as the fight is never really over. They say it takes 5 years to get the full clear and cured title. So each day is a blessing. I will try to do the things that I love to do and live a full life. New beginnings. I hope that everything works out. I just got cleared to have a stem cell transplant and that is supposed to be the end of treatment.

26 Jan

Counting Down

Now starts the countdown to my bone marrow transplant.. I just got the go ahead from the doc and all my test said I am able to have the transplant. I have been through so much that this news makes me so happy I feel like I am already cured. I know I have talked a lot about finishing strong so I must stay focused and keep my eyes on the prize. So I have started to work out a little bit and it feels good. My goal is to get back in the shape that I was in before all of this started to happen. With time this will be the case. Staying focused and eyes on the prize.... Never quit

23 Jan

Black and Yellow

This weekend is one of the most memorable weekends for many reasons. Last week I got the news from a scan that the last two tumors that were on my spine are now gone!!! And two I am here with my best friends in Pittsburgh getting ready to go the AFC championship. My boy coaches for the Steelers so the tension is high and a lot is on the line. This is going to be an epic game. The battle is going to be a bloodbath.. I haven't been to an NFL game in years its going to feel like an ice rink though. Anyway even though Im  a Giants fan, Ill be waving the terrible towel today.

19 Jan


So it appears as if the harsh treatment has paid off. We got the report back from the scan and it showed that the tumors on my spin are not there anymore and there is only minimal activity in my chest area. We are so close to being cancer free I can taste it. When I was first told the news I almost didn't believe it. It just feels like its been so long since hearing some good news or feeling positive about the outcome. Not saying that I didn't feel as though the end would be a success, its just that the fight has been long and hard. Expected.

16 Jan

Again... Finish Strong

Once again I was reminded of the importance of finishing strong when watching the Steelers Ravens game. The first half belonged to the Ravens as the Steelers were turning the ball over and not putting up points. It looked like the game was over but the Steelers came out in the second half on a new mission. They finished strong and instead of turning the ball over they were forcing turnovers and scoring. Just another testament to why its not how you start but even more important how you finish... We are going to finish strong... NEVER QUIT.

much love


15 Jan

Got the plan

Okay so this week was quite eventful. I spent most of it at the hospital getting poked and pricked with needles and iv's. Good news is that another cycle of chemo was completed and I feel good. I took all the test for my  stem cell transplant. breathing, heart, lung and blood work. Now I am awaiting the results from the petscan. ONce the results come in then we can start the process of harvesting the stem cells. The process is so interesting and they have come a long way with technology to make the porcess easier. The stay in the hospital will last around 3 weeks.

12 Jan

Just kicking back

i started thinking to myself and then rapping some lines out loud. I was just playing at first then I said... Throw the rope- Who has the time, Life is like a lifeline..... Where's mine. At first I just kept going then I went back and said it again. The rope and lifeline connected and then I was asking someone to throw the rope. I know that I am tired in this fight but remain strong. In some way though my subconscience was asking for a lifeline... for someone to throw a rope and give me a lifeline. Where's mine. Im ready for it and Im ready for the lifeline. SO THROW THE DAMN ROPE...

09 Jan

staying the course

though im in pain right now i am confident that the right course was taken and that I am on the road to recovery. There are some painful side affects to this particular chemo but we will get through them and come out the other side healthy and happy. Thanks for the continued support and love. NEVERQUIT

much love


06 Jan

Getting Through the Night

My boy BD came through today and we talked about the balances of life. How so many things are so good and yet so many other things can be in the dumps. Lets just focus on the good things tonight and the rest of the week. There will always be time to think about what is going wrong in our worlds but lets be thankful for the greatness that is taking place...There is so much to be thankful for. NEVERQUIT

much love