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14 Feb

Valentines Day

This Valentines day has been quite different from any other that Ive had. It started out cool. Went to the doctors. Got blood work and everything was on the up and up. Road to recovery. Cool. Then on the way home BAM! car accident. My head hit the sun visor and split the mirror into tiny pieces. I was more shocked then hurt but thats the way it goes. Then we waited for 2 hours for the police to come and then we moved on. Now I am rushing to try to meet my lady and the fam for a family style valentines day. SHould be fun. Gotta keep your head up and keep trucking. NEVER QUIT

12 Feb

Thats a Rap

Whats up everyone... Just back home now after an intense four day treatment. I can already start to feel my hands starting to crack. This is the pain that I look forward to the least. It makes everything hard to do when your hands are in so much pain. But today is a good day still. It is one day closer to recovering from the last treatment. We have come so far on this journey and now I just want to ensure that this disease never comes back. In order to help that cause I am getting a bone marrow, or stem cell transplant. They are the same thing.

10 Feb

So Close but Feeling So Far Away

Tonight is the last night of my final round of chemo before the stem cell transplant. The transplant will include another form of chemo but not the same one that I am on right now. A little different and hopefully a little lighter than this dose. Still there is a lot to do to prepare for the transplant. FIrst and foremost I am not complaining as I know this is my path to cure I just want to inform anyone who may go through this that you are not alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

09 Feb

3rd Day

Now the boredom starts to set in. I got a great walk around the hospital today though to stretch the legs and get some air. Its important to keep busy and stay active as much as possible while going through this type of treatment. My boy BD came by to visit and that was great now Ill just be reading getting ready to watch the DUKE unc game. I am happy that things are going so smoothly and that I am halfway done. I feel like I will have much better success with the side affects than the last two times. PLEASE GOD!!!!... Lets go. NEVER QUIT

much love


08 Feb


Today I was a bit tired. The hospital has that affect on me. Just being around all the machines and not being able to handle my daily business kind of puts me in a sleepy mood. The food hasn't been so bad and Im trying not to eat too much because Im doing a lot of sitting around. Im just keeping in my mind that I will be half way through once the night is over. It takes some time to get through the night but the nurses are great and make it an easier process. Finishing strong...NEVERQUIT

much love


07 Feb

Hospital Day 1 of Last Round

Here I am again.. Deja Vu- Back in the hospital.. I know all of the nurses and they know me. We talk and laugh but we all know that this is no laughing matter. Still we try to make the best of the situation. I did have a great weekend that will keep me in good spirits throughout this stay in the hospital. I will keep a positive attitude and look at this as the stamp of a great finish. Even though I still have to go through the stem cell transplant I still look at this as a milestone because its the last treatment before that takes place.

06 Feb

Super Bowl Sunday

Having a relaxing super bowl this year. Just watching the game with my lady and ordering some food to enjoy the second half. I am keeping it low key to get ready to go into the hospital tomorrow for my last round of chemo. I know its my last round because on my last scan the doctor gave me the complete remission which was the best news that I have heard in almost a year. The second half of the game is about to start and we shall see if they have what it takes to finish strong and win the game. I will finish strong and complete the treatment that is laid out for me.

03 Feb

Great Night

Tonight was the premiere of the Wendell Scott movie. It was an honor to portrait such a man who blazed a path for today's black NASCAR drivers. I was so happy that the family enjoyed the film and felt that the story showed how great of a father and competitor he was. Everyone put so much sweat into the film and I feel the reward was tonight. Thank you to everyone that was a part of the project and made this happen. Thanks to my mom and aunts Bev and Diane for coming out to support. Do something that will always be remembered. NEVER QUIT.

much love


02 Feb

Mom and Me

I have been very blessed to have the mother that I have. She has been supportive of me every since I can remember. But this time she has gone far and beyond the call of duty. My fight with cancer has been a long and hard one and my mom has been there every step of the way. Literally not leaving my side so its times like these when we can have fun that really makes me happy. We are in North Carolina for the premiere of a project that we worked on for ESPN. She is very happy and excited and deserves to have a nice time.

31 Jan

Gearing Up

So over the last couple of weeks I've been preparing for the bone marrow transplant, both mentally and physically. I have increased my workout schedule and level of intensity. Its giving me a feeling of confidence for the procedure. Its also making me feel as though everything is going to be okay. I have been a bit anxious about going into the hospital for whats to me a very long time. 2 1/2 weeks to me could feel like an eternity. Ill bring plenty of movies and good books. This will be a test to me practicing what I preach and finish strong. NEVER QUIT

much love