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06 May


Good morning,

05 May

giving up control

Today i finally and truly threw my hands up in the air and gave up control. For reals. it may seem like we do that because i thought that i gave up control before but now that i have this new challenge, with the way that I was taking care of myself, I really understand that I have no control .. and you know what... its a lot less stressful. Lets try to deal with the challenges as they come. Of course there are measures and steps we can take to limit our exposure to accidents or bad health but ultimately with most things in life, its just gonna happen.

04 May

And the Band Plays On

What a great night after another tough day at the clinic. Its not so much what happens at the clinic as it is whats not happening. NO Fault to the staff at the clinic. One nurse told me that they saw 150 patients in one day on the regular and this is just the cancer patients. A public clinic that sometimes does not have the appropriate supplies. An United States facility that lacks supplies. MEDICAL!!!!! and people complain about Obama. Greatest president of my lifetime... Already.

02 May

Sharing is Caring

Its hard on a kid when their parents get divorced. To me there is nothing greater than spending quality time with Great friends and family. Time where the laughter is at its peak. News of my situation had family scurrying to come out to Cali to be by my side. Of course the parents were first on the scene. Mom to be exact almost only 12hours after receiving news, East to west coast travels. Moms just don't care- look at the nature channel and you will see just how far a mother will go to protect their young. Pops came out when things were a little more under control per my request.

01 May


I think I found my new medicine. I went to a yoga class last night in santa monica and no bull shit had an outer body experience. I literally was looking at myself from above and having cancer was never more real as it was in that class. The reason is because the teacher took us on a meditative trip in order to look back on the class and send all positive vibes and well wishes to the guy in the back of the class. This guy happened to have cancer. This guy was me. No one in the class knew this except for me and my two friends that put the prayer request in at the beginning of class.

29 Apr


When I say Im feeling good then your boy is feeling okay...When i say Im feeling great then Im probably feeling good... Today- I would like everyone to put their fears aside and just breath. Like Louis Armstrong i feel like, "Its A Wonderful World"- Straight up and down I don't know what the afternoon will bring but for all those that are reading right now, know CP is laughing.. Oh I had some incredible laughs last night thanks to my brother syd, Bj and quentin my other brothers.. I sang musicals and Bj acted them out while Q and syd laughed until they couldn't breath.

28 Apr


I would like to take a second to simply say thank you. Thank you to all the friends, family and supporters who have come together for this cause. MY LIFE.... Its actually weird for me to say this and have almost avoided the reality of the cause. Still I will say that in all of the seriousness, lets find time to laugh and joke because as you know, I love to do a lot of that and will continue to do so. So with much love, hugs and kisses I say thank you.


26 Apr

First Day OUT!

AHHHH what a feeling. Driving down the pch today- along the beach for all the non-west coasters reading- I felt like me again. Seeing the waves crashing and the sun hitting my face its all I ever needed. The simple things are much appreciated now. I had my first bout of nausea today but it only lasted about 15 min. Then the instant I felt strong my mom, my lady and I hit the road to Malibu. There we had a beautiful lunch including salad- green veggies- and salmon with brown rice. Yall thought I was a healthy eater before. Im about to turn it up a notch. CANCER OUT!!!!

25 Apr

Getting out of the hospital

After eight days of being at the best hospital in the world I am ready to make my way back to "real life". Its funny because for the last eight days I probably didn't think that i was living in the real world. Everything seemed to be coming at me at 1000 mph.. I thought i was going into the er for an ulcer or constipation 13 hrs later they are telling me that I they have bad news. So the testing began and i promise it never stopped. mid-night blood test, 6 am vital checks, around the clock docs.. And i was not complaining.

24 Apr

This Blog is to let all those know that i won't quit!

Thank u for all the love and support