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12 Jun

Listening is Key

Sometimes we think we have all the answers when it comes to ourselves. For me, Ive known myself longer than anyone else so I should know whats best right..... WRONG.. Knowledge has come to me about myself from the outside once again. Thanks to friend and family I have recognized that patience is of the utmost importance in the healing process. We have fought a great battle over the last year and my mind and heart want to be right back to normal right now. The thing is that it takes time to heal even from the healing. I will get back to where I was physically and mentally.

27 May


Its interesting to be where I am now. You would think that it would be like magic and all of a sudden all is well and the truth is all is well... but there are still some challenging aspects of the recovery from the stem cell transplant. Thus ive found that it is important to keep up a strong mentality and continue to press through things like when I was in the thick of the battle. At the same time giving myself some relief to cover slowly. Its a balancing act of drive and patience. Been to the docs a few times this week and all is looking well.

12 May

Time Flys

Here I stand, feeling better than I have in over a year. 2 months plus now being in remission and I couldn't be more thankful. It still blows my mind to think about all that we have been through in this fight. Now the fight is to maintain my health and pray that there is no relapse. Of course those fears cross my mind but I do my best to keep those thoughts far from my mind. I am looking forward to getting back to some physical activities and hitting the gym. One day at a time. The docs said to take it slow and I will listen. Until next time. Never Quit

much love


22 Apr

Happy Easter and Passover

I am almost a month out of the hospital and recovery is going well. With each day I can feel my strength and energy getting better. There is still a little ways to go before I am fully recovered but we are heading in the right direction. I am going to the doctor next week for another check up and we will see what the results of blood work are and how well that is going. I am so excited about starting my new life but I will never forget what I went through. My heart goes out to all those who have battled this disease and those that are going through it right now. We are in this together.

10 Apr

Baby Steps

Its been a few days since Ive written in the blog but Ive been okay. Fighting the feelings of nausea and fatigue. its been great being out but its been no cake walk. That is why I will take baby steps to recovery. I don't have much energy but with the little that I do I will focus it on getting better and starting to get back to my life. I go on small walks and that usually drains me. I am ready to feel good again. NEVER QUIT

much love


02 Apr


I AM LEAVING THE HOSPITAL..... We are starting the new life today and I am walking out of the hospital cancer free. This is the best day of my life. A new shot at the title. Thank you to EVERYONE for so much love and support for without it this would not have been possible. I am going to take it easy over the next couple of days. Like walking on thin ice... just making sure this is real and its gonna hold.  Life is good. NEVER QUIT.

much love


01 Apr

Starting to see some positive upswing

My counts are starting to go up and I am finally starting to feel better. I can actually swallow water without extreme pain. This brings a huge smile to my face. I am almost out of here. The nurses and doctors have been spectacular and have led the way to a full recovery. There are so many things that I will not take for granted anymore, I just want to get back to living life. I miss the outside world so much. Gotta stay focused. NEVERQUIT

much love


24 Mar


Hello everyone.... SO the transplant went well and I am now in recovery. I have been in the hospital for almost two weeks... and that means not being able to go outside at all so needless to say, im excited to get out. After the transplant the nursing staff brought in a birthday cake and sang me happy birthday. They say its like a new birthday since you are being cured and given a new lease on life. This was one of the most exciting times in my life up until now. To know that I am going to live and have a full life is more than I could ever ask for at this point.

21 Mar

Starting to see some LIght!

Today we are getting another dose of chemo and then we are on the way to transplant. I am playing chess with my mom and we are having some laughs. She doesn't know how to play so im totally taking advantage of her... hahaa. Looking forward to feeling 100% again and getting back to life as I knew it. This has been quite a year. Learned so much and felt so much, I can't wait to workout!! Its the little things... NEVERQUIT

much love


19 Mar

Phase 1 complete

So ive finished the radiation aspect of the process. That was tougher than I expected but we busted through it. Now I am on first day of chemo. Its a two day treatment so we are braving up for this load. The nurses and docs here are very good and making me feel comfortable and guiding me along nicely. One of my nurses is really into the NCAA tourney and she printed me out a copy of the bracket so I could fill it out. Then genius takes place... lol We shall see. NEVERQUIT

much love