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Charles Porter on Charles Porter:

"I learned to love different cultures at an early age. The son of a British woman with a father in the US Air force, we moved around a lot when I was a kid. By the time I entered boarding school on the east coast, I had friends of every race, creed, and class who had become like family to me.

My curiosity of cultures continued at University. While many of my courses stressed the differences between cultures, one of the things that struck me most were the traits that societies shared, humanity, goodwill, and common purpose. To this day travel and exploration of foreign culture remains a passion of mine and my friends and I set goals to visit new locations every 3 months.

2008 has been a challenging year in the States, and abroad but I am filled with optimism that change is on the way. When our nation elected Barak Obama, I think it went a long ways to giving the world a bit of hope it desperately needed. As the product of an interracial marriage, it reinforced for me that I too have a role in US culture, and while it may not be easily identifiable by the color of my skin, it is evident that my nation is prepared to judge me on the content of my character." ~ Charles Porter, Italian Vogue Fall 2008