What would you do to save your Brother, Son, Closest Friend?

If you are visiting this site there is a high likelihood that your life has been personally touched by the joyous and vibrant love that is Charles Porter. For the past 31 years, Charles has approached his life with wide eyed enthusiasm. His boundless devotion to friendship, infectious laughter, and knack for making others feel better about themselves after being around him make Charles a loved member of countless families.

Charles is a beautiful spirit, one who together we are prepared to support, love, and fight for until the day we can come together to toast his victory and the full remission of his cancer.

Our purpose is clear: Do all we can to help save the life of someone who is so dear to all of us.

We are ending the fund-raising phase and entering the healing phase. THANK YOU!

05 Jan


Sometimes we need to find encouragement from somewhere deeper than in ourselves. In the Bible my boy pointed out that David asked for encouragement from the Lord. So I say that don't be afraid to call out for help or encouragement. No one is asking you to take on that challenge all by yourself. Find strength in those closest to you. NEVER QUIT

much love


04 Jan

The Struggles Of Life

A friend of mine asked what the struggles of life are supposed to represent. So I thought about my journey and what it has meant so far. The struggles balance out the good times and the easy times. They make us stronger. We both want to be influential people who are great at what they do and sometimes it takes some hard challenges in life that will bring you to that point. So sometimes we can not look at the challenges as bad things but just ways to get us to the next level of our success. Embrace the challenge, face it head on and kill it... NEVER QUIT

much love


03 Jan

Finish Strong

No matter how you start out I feel the most important thing is to finish strong. A lot has happened over the last 8 months in this battle. I have gone through many physical and psychological changes. The physical I believe that I can get back but the mental changes have been for the better. I see life with different eyes now and I truly believe that finishing what is started is more important than how you finish. Just watch sports and you can learn that. I saw my Giants lose with a 24 point lead with only 8 min left in the game.

01 Jan


I hope that everyone had a fun and safe new year's eve. I had an awesome time with with my lady and best friend in Vegas. We didn't get too crazy but we were able to enjoy an amazing show with Jay Z- Kanye Beyonce and Coldplay all together. It was really an amazing experience and I thank Candice for setting that up. I have another day off and then I go into the hospital for what will hopefully be my last chemo treatment.. I hope everyone is happy and fighting for whatever it is you want in life. That is the driving force behind what keeps me going. I want to live and enjoy life.

30 Dec

Go Big

Enjoying myself before going back to the hospital for the last treatment.... fingers crossed. When something major is going to happen make sure to take some time for yourself life is short but you can enjoy it to the most of your ability while you can. Thats not to say that we are going anywhere tomorrow but lets enjoy the day... Lets do it while we can. NEVER QUIT

much love


29 Dec

New Year Coming

I have found that in the past people always look to the new year for change. We always say oh this will be the year that I make the money that I want to make or I get the job that I always wanted or that I lose the weight that I have been trying to lose. Well this year I wish for all to have good health first and foremost because without that then all the rest mean nothing. Trust it is the most important thing to have and it is the most enjoyable thing to have. You may not know because you have it but if it ever slips then you will know how great it is.

27 Dec

Relaxing and recovering

In times like this I can not stress enough how important it is to get some rest. Rest as much as you can and take that time to heal. Remember this is not an easy journey, this is not a cold or the flu this is serious business. So don't be so hard on yourself when you take a few days to just chill. This has been a very relaxing vacation and I feel that much heeling has been done I am getting ready physically and mentally for the next round of chemo. Until then I will relax and have some fun. NEVER QUIT

much love


25 Dec

Merry Christmas

What a great day this has been. I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and that everyone was safe and healthy. This has been such a crazy year but aside from that it has been wonderful to be with family and loved ones is such a great feeling. My one wish would be to be healed and healthy and I wish that for all those that are out there going through their own struggles. Happy Holidays to all... NEVER QUIT

much love


23 Dec

Christmas Shopping

Its so nice to be out of the hospital during the holiday season. One of the best things about the holidays is getting gifts for those you love. Even if you can not spend a bunch of money it still feels good rapping up a little something and seeing a smile on that person's face. Tis the season to be grateful and be giving. So give what you can and it doesn't have to be a lot just make it come from the heart. NEVER QUIT

much love


21 Dec

Movie Watching

This has been a blast. Just watching movies and relaxing each day has been quite the recoup medicine that I need. I have recommended many forms of relaxation and recouping methods and watching films is definitely one of the best.. Especially when you watch with friends. Take some time and check out a flick... NEVER QUIT

much love