What would you do to save your Brother, Son, Closest Friend?

If you are visiting this site there is a high likelihood that your life has been personally touched by the joyous and vibrant love that is Charles Porter. For the past 31 years, Charles has approached his life with wide eyed enthusiasm. His boundless devotion to friendship, infectious laughter, and knack for making others feel better about themselves after being around him make Charles a loved member of countless families.

Charles is a beautiful spirit, one who together we are prepared to support, love, and fight for until the day we can come together to toast his victory and the full remission of his cancer.

Our purpose is clear: Do all we can to help save the life of someone who is so dear to all of us.

We are ending the fund-raising phase and entering the healing phase. THANK YOU!

First Day of Chemo

Experience what Charles Porter went through on his first day of chemotherapy.
09 May

a tired that is indescribable

I just wanted to apologize for not getting back to you if you have sent messages or phone calls. I have been experiencing this tiredness that is like no other. I hope to regain some energy and when i do i will get back to all ... Promise.

much love


09 May

Whats going on?

Somedays are so weird. The energy level is what i need to get used to. The change is so drastic from day to day. Somedays I feel like i can climb mountains and others i can barely keep my eyes open. To be completely honest that is the scary part for me. Where is my energy going. But I look to the heavens and pray that all will be okay and I read your inspiring words and I talk to my connection of other survivors that I ve been in touch with and get the info and this is all part of it. SO lets keep pushing and all will be okay. Im going for a walk today.

07 May

2nd one down COME ON!!!!

HEy everyone just wanted to let you know that the second treatment of chemo went as scheduled and Im feeling good. gonna go for a short walk and get it going through the system. Thank you for all the kind words and inspiration. When i just don't feel it sometimes I read your words and move on in full force. Thank you thank you thank you

Much love


05 May

giving up control

Today i finally and truly threw my hands up in the air and gave up control. For reals. it may seem like we do that because i thought that i gave up control before but now that i have this new challenge, with the way that I was taking care of myself, I really understand that I have no control .. and you know what... its a lot less stressful. Lets try to deal with the challenges as they come. Of course there are measures and steps we can take to limit our exposure to accidents or bad health but ultimately with most things in life, its just gonna happen.

04 May

And the Band Plays On

What a great night after another tough day at the clinic. Its not so much what happens at the clinic as it is whats not happening. NO Fault to the staff at the clinic. One nurse told me that they saw 150 patients in one day on the regular and this is just the cancer patients. A public clinic that sometimes does not have the appropriate supplies. An United States facility that lacks supplies. MEDICAL!!!!! and people complain about Obama. Greatest president of my lifetime... Already.

02 May

Sharing is Caring

Its hard on a kid when their parents get divorced. To me there is nothing greater than spending quality time with Great friends and family. Time where the laughter is at its peak. News of my situation had family scurrying to come out to Cali to be by my side. Of course the parents were first on the scene. Mom to be exact almost only 12hours after receiving news, East to west coast travels. Moms just don't care- look at the nature channel and you will see just how far a mother will go to protect their young. Pops came out when things were a little more under control per my request.

01 May


I think I found my new medicine. I went to a yoga class last night in santa monica and no bull shit had an outer body experience. I literally was looking at myself from above and having cancer was never more real as it was in that class. The reason is because the teacher took us on a meditative trip in order to look back on the class and send all positive vibes and well wishes to the guy in the back of the class. This guy happened to have cancer. This guy was me. No one in the class knew this except for me and my two friends that put the prayer request in at the beginning of class.