What would you do to save your Brother, Son, Closest Friend?

If you are visiting this site there is a high likelihood that your life has been personally touched by the joyous and vibrant love that is Charles Porter. For the past 31 years, Charles has approached his life with wide eyed enthusiasm. His boundless devotion to friendship, infectious laughter, and knack for making others feel better about themselves after being around him make Charles a loved member of countless families.

Charles is a beautiful spirit, one who together we are prepared to support, love, and fight for until the day we can come together to toast his victory and the full remission of his cancer.

Our purpose is clear: Do all we can to help save the life of someone who is so dear to all of us.

We are ending the fund-raising phase and entering the healing phase. THANK YOU!

10 Jun


Ive seen a lot of good times in my life. Been to a lot of places and met many people. Im not ready to pack it all in yet but I can see why I have been confronted with such a huge challenge. It goes back to the balances of life. Like i said in my last blog things have a way of balancing themselves out. This is not to say that if all things are great in your life to expect some tragedy, Im just saying in my case I understand. Still it makes for a story to tell the grandchildren one day as well. Feeling great today. Never Quit

much love


09 Jun


Who knows what lays around the corner. Life always has a way of balancing itself out, whether it rains or there is shine, one or the other is sure to come. Luckily we have our faith and friends and family to get us through storms and test. I feel good today and there are days that I feel down but that is the way life balances things out. We have no choice but to take the bad with the good. Days just seem to go by. Its weird when all you have to focus on is yourself. Life definitely isn't meant to live like that. Never Quit

much love


08 Jun

Foreign Body

Today I had a port put in on the upper right side of my chest- It was put in to replace the pic line that I had in my arm. These are things that are used to draw blood and also administer meds such as chemo. The difference between the port and the line are that the port is under the skin where as the pic line was always visible. It might not seem like a big deal but it was the one constant reminder that I had an illness. Though I wake up everyday living this reality, there are times that I do just like to free my mind of it all. Positive thinking helps so much with recovery.

07 Jun

Great Weekend

Had a wonderful weekend. It was a chemo weekend and they are usually the hardest but my lady came in to town and brightened up the days. Duke really is a beautiful school. I definitely took it for granted while attending there. The food was good the weather was perfect and everyone was happy. Gotta say it was a great weekend. Never quit.,

much love


06 Jun


Check out that type of flower. I went to the Duke Gardens and clipped one then put it in a glass in my room with some water. The flower opened up and releases one of the best scents of all time. Really changed the atmosphere. Not that it didn't smell good in my room but this freshness from the outside just woke me up and made me happy. Try adding some plant life to your world and see how it affects ya. Never Quit

much love


05 Jun


Am having a great weekend after bouncing back from a harsh chemo night. I can't lie the treatments are becoming bigger challenges as the weeks go on. I am glad and lucky to have the sessions so far apart. One survivor was telling me that he would get 5 treatment days in a row. This is just to show that it can always be worse. Stop and smell the flowers. NEver QUit

much love


Life of the Party!

Charles stays laughin' wherever he goes. Here's proof...
04 Jun

Back Duke or Back Off lol

No unfortunately I know most people don't get down with the Blue Devils but thats neither here nor there. I have to say I have much love and respect for the Devils and not just because I played for them... they are saving my life. Big ups to the nursing staff from the bottom to the top. They have treated me with kindness and respect and love. I tell yall we might beat this thing in record time. All test results are coming back great, my cell count is normal and we are fighting away. So the prayers and the positive reinforcement have all been working. NEVER QUIT

much love


Happy Hour fund-raiser for the Charles F. Porter, Jr. Trust

2010-06-11 10:30 - 14:00
Family/Friends, please spread the word to all of your friends and colleagues in the Metropolitan DC area. Next Friday, June 11th, we will be hosting a Happy Hour fund-raiser for the Charles F. Porter, Jr. Trust. Add a link to your facebook page if you have one and come out if you can. Thanks for your continued support!
02 Jun


Throughout all this turmoil I've realized that the one major thing that is different is my appreciation for all things. No Im no angel and i do not stop at every rose on the walk to smell it but people... when it comes to people its a different story. I see people differently now. My eyes pick up the image as the same but then it really becomes about what they are inside. Then I see how caring and loving my friends and family have been and thats all I want to be around. Suddenly the world gets smaller and its full of love because the ones that I am surrounding myself with love me.