What would you do to save your Brother, Son, Closest Friend?

If you are visiting this site there is a high likelihood that your life has been personally touched by the joyous and vibrant love that is Charles Porter. For the past 31 years, Charles has approached his life with wide eyed enthusiasm. His boundless devotion to friendship, infectious laughter, and knack for making others feel better about themselves after being around him make Charles a loved member of countless families.

Charles is a beautiful spirit, one who together we are prepared to support, love, and fight for until the day we can come together to toast his victory and the full remission of his cancer.

Our purpose is clear: Do all we can to help save the life of someone who is so dear to all of us.

We are ending the fund-raising phase and entering the healing phase. THANK YOU!

03 Jul

Flaws, imperfections, things we don't like

In others may be a reflection of what we don't like in ourselves. We else would we judge someone so harshly. Learning to love imperfections and flaws whatever they may be is a great way to start to learn to love yourself. For me, I was down on myself for getting sick. I thought that I took such great care of myself how could this happen. Not the cancer but all that comes with it, the potential hair lose, the potential infections, the fatigue... whatever the symptoms they were all considered to be flaws to me, but still someone loved me and all that this disease comes with.

02 Jul

I never played for the big game during my College career

So i missed out on what it felt like to be matched up and favored to win it all but we had some great victories. Playing against clemson and beating them to go 4-4 with our weakest part of our schedule left. We went to triple over time against vandy, lost to maryland after being up 28-7 at the half and that shattered our bowl hopes. You must finish. No matter how big the win is when there are games left to play you must finish. And never underestimate your opponent. Never Quit

much love


01 Jul

whats up everyone

Hope you are all having a wonderful week and getting ready for some good eats this fourth of july holiday. Ill probably find myself under some fireworks somewhere here in the NC. Times seems to be going by pretty fast for what is happening. Some times I think that the end is so far away but I don't know what the end is do I. Ha... But me and the fam and you all stay positive and the end.... to this chapter will be a full recovery and a HUGE party. Im doing all that I can to make for a speedy recovery. The doctors here are absolutely amazing.

30 Jun

Whats in a challenge

The body has certain functions for movement, to breath, to eat all of the above. What happens when those functions falter. Something needs to pick up the slack. I sit here in deep thought knowing that my body is not functioning on full tilt. The cancer has gotten to the bone and the spine in particular. So there is a bit of deterioration. This is not good but again here we have another challenge. So i step back from the information and look at the options. Keep living of course, contact docs and ask them a million questions and then take their info and process.

29 Jun

What IF

Im just sitting thinking.  They are using a new method of chemo on me right now. Duke Docs that know what they are doing. The drugs are the same but the protocol by the way they are giving them to me. I don't feel that sick and this is day two of three of the chemo treatment. What if I was a break through in science. I hope my case can help others in the world. Never Quit

much love


29 Jun

new chemo regiment

yes it is stronger than before and yes there are more side affects that can happen BUT YES ITS GOING TO WORK. This treatment is strong and I trust the Dr. that God has brought into my life to bring me back to good health. There are a mixture of new drugs that were introduced into my body yesterday and I must go back again today and tomorrow to complete the hospital stages. It is a 21 day cycle and a battle for sure but not one that we can't win. So lets get our minds right for this win. Thank you for the prayers daily, and the love and support. Never Quit

much love


27 Jun

great time in NY

Sometimes you've been to a place before and had one type of experience and maybe sometimes you've been a number of times and can pretty much expect the same thing, but I had a different experience this time in NY. One that was filled with warm moments that I will not soon forget. Memories that may last a lifetime. I didn't know what to expect when I planned this trip to NY... I knew that I would see great friends and have some good meals but it turned out to be one of the most romantic trips to NY as well.

25 Jun


Today in the city there was a jumper on the roof. So as I walk back into the building I didn't want to see that.... I thought to myself how sad that person must be to take their own life when Im fighting to save mine. All I could do was pray for the person and thank God for the day. I have to stay in battle mode and keep the positivity going. I love life and appreciate all it has to offer. NEver quit

much love


24 Jun

God's comfort

Whats up everyone? As the time gets closer to getting the new treatment I've been comforted not only by your words and support but that of God. Over the last two months my praying has increased immensely. There has been a closeness that I have never felt before as well. When we talk I really feel that there is a communication an open line. He knows that I need him, his comfort and he is there for me. Thank you God for your love. never quit

much love


22 Jun

As the list keeps growing

I am truly humbled by all the support that has come through for my recovery. Life definitely has thrown a curveball our way and so many have stepped up to bat and are swinging away. We are shooting for a home run and a full recovery which after speaking with my doctor today is in full site. I can not thank you enough but I can assure you that I will not quit!!

Much love