What would you do to save your Brother, Son, Closest Friend?

If you are visiting this site there is a high likelihood that your life has been personally touched by the joyous and vibrant love that is Charles Porter. For the past 31 years, Charles has approached his life with wide eyed enthusiasm. His boundless devotion to friendship, infectious laughter, and knack for making others feel better about themselves after being around him make Charles a loved member of countless families.

Charles is a beautiful spirit, one who together we are prepared to support, love, and fight for until the day we can come together to toast his victory and the full remission of his cancer.

Our purpose is clear: Do all we can to help save the life of someone who is so dear to all of us.

We are ending the fund-raising phase and entering the healing phase. THANK YOU!

25 Jul

Great Times

Just wanted to send out a warm thank you to Will Hill for hosting the fam this weekend.... Had a great time my bro... It was awesome seeing all those who were able to make it out and get up too. Just back to NC... Long night of driving.. talk tomorrow. Never quit.

much love


24 Jul


Had a fantastic time in DC catching up with friends and visiting some of DC;s historical landmarks. The weather was about 110 degrees and totally zapped me of my energy but the company and the days activities kept me wanting more. Still all of this is great therapy to getting cured. Keeping a positive mindset and seeing the things that I want to be doing and living the life that I want to be living is the ultimate inspiration. Especially when doing the things with friends and family that I love so much.

23 Jul

Mind made up

So i came up with the idea that if I truly believed that I was not sick and was going to be in full remission by the end of August then it would be. Mind over matter type of thinking. So each day I start the day with a small prayer and get the mind working to believe that I am not sick and that I will be in full remission very soon. With this positive mindset my pain has been decreased and I am experiencing tons more energy... Could this be a mind thing?

22 Jul


Just rapped up the week on taking the juice... chemo.... through the veins now its pills so im gonna head up to DC to check some friends and introduce one of my best friends from cali to DC for the first time. For all the fam that is out there.. Hit me up I would love to see ya... Remember remission in a month.. NEVER QUIT

much love


21 Jul

Another Step in the Right direction

Yesterday I had an appointment with the doc and she did her exam and took my blood and all signs are pointing a successful recovery. In her opinion from the exam the lymphnodes are decreasing in size and I am feeling much better so this all points to recovery... I claimed that I would be in remission after this cycle so lets get that positive nation that we have created going and make this happen so I can get back to all of you that Ive cared about so much through my life and we can talk about life and i can help you through your battles. ....

19 Jul

Feeling Half Way There

So i start the second cycle of the new regiment tomorrow. Its a long 5 hour process and can be quiet draining but I feel like the job is getting done. I flew across the country and ran some errands upon arrival to the east without any pain or discomfort and without pain meds. So I am definitely confident that we are winning and the disease should be put into remission shortly.... There are so many people suffering with this disease that I really don't feel alone and I feed off of their energy and we battle together...

18 Jul


Got to reboot and get ready for the second round of the new treatment. The LA sun was shinning and I got to see my lady and some of my closest friends. This was exactly what the doctor ordered. Im claiming to be in remission by the end of this second round and  am ready to get back to life as I knew it. I just continue to see how important family and friends are to me.. NEVER QUIT

much love


16 Jul

back in the day

Just saw a couple of kids performing at the whiskey in LA... Got to come home for the weekend. It reminded me of my youth.. one song they talked about the meaning of life. Of course it was from a teenage perspective but in their world its just the tip of the ice berg.... They have so much to live for and so much potential... Its a great place to be and a wonderful feeling to have... I got a little of that back tonight.. Never QUit

much love


15 Jul

Ready to be done wit it

What up everyone? Hope all is well.... We are moving into the second phase of the treatment that I am going through now and Im feeling ready... I know you don't want to rush things when it comes to cancer care but I am so ready to be done and move on with life in a healthy way. This has made me even more conscience about what I eat and staying as healthy as possible.. I miss home in the worst way and I am doing everything possible to get back in full remission. My docs are some of the best in the world and the plan is tight. Please continue to pray and send positive energy this way.

13 Jul

Football Camp

Today I got to run around and play some football for the first time in awhile. Thank you to my friend and former teammate Chris Combs for inviting me to this camp. It was the longest that Ive been on my feet in months and as i told my mom.... I felt alive. This was medicine you can't get in a bottle.. Never Quit

Much love